January 2019   
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Our Beliefs

Our Mission
“Connecting people with God in a way that will change their lives forever.”

Our Vision

  • To bring people to Jesus
  • To encourage membership into His family
  • To develop Christ-like maturity
  • To equip and train for works of service


Our Core Values

  • We value God's perfect, infallible, inspired Word as a key to changing lives.
  • We value the Holy Spirit Who EMPOWERS us for service, strengthens us for purity, and pulls us into a deeper relationship with Christ.
  • We value relationships which give individuals the love, support, and encouragement they need to walk with Christ.
  • We value creative forms for worship and communication of God's Word.
  • We value unity in spirit and purpose but diversity in style, personality, giftedness, and personal preferences.
  • We value prayer as an element for personal worship, growth in Christ, and the attainment of God's Will and provisions for our lives.
  • We value Spiritual Gifts which enable each member to function most effectively within the Body of Christ.
  • We value help for the poor and needy.
  • We value the intentional pursuit of the lost.